Group of companies

The HTV group of companies comprises:

HTV Halbleiter-Test & Vertriebs-GmbH
(Testing and programming of electronic components)

HTV Conservation GmbH
(Long-Term Conservation of electronic components,
Institute for material analysis)

(Assembly and packaging of microelectronic circuits)

GigaSysTec GmbH
(EMSPLUS® -services „Made in Germany“)

HTV Cyperion GmbH
(Product development and production for „maximum data security“)

Due to the predictive and continuous expansion ofthe HTV group of companies, unique synergies for almost all areas of electronics have been developed and realised in the recent years.

HTV offers comprehensive services for all aspects of electronic components from a single source
ranging from component programming including the development of the corresponding programming algorithms, packaging, tests according to data sheet and functional tests as well as fault and failure analyses up to Long-Term Conservation and tape & reel service.

The highest level of quality, decades of market experience as well as special customer proximity and flexibility offer the best solutions for every specific customer requirement.

The high degree of creativity of the more than 170 employees leads to the continuous extension of the portfolio by new extraordinary processes and methods with unique selling points also across all sectors.