HTV Halbleiter-Test & Vertriebs-GmbH

Test and programming of electronic components

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HTV Halbleiter-Test & Vertriebs-GmbH has been the specialist for testing and programming of electronic components for more than 30 years.

A large, ultra-modern machine park consisting of numerous fully automated test systems from various manufacturers and a large number of self-developed test systems enables high-precision measurements of the most complex integrated circuits with a capacity of several hundred thousand parts per day. Almost every component can be tested comprehensively, even at different ambient temperatures.

With a programming capacity of more than 750,000 pieces/day and – if required – a delivery time of only a few hours (even for large quantities), HTV Halbleiter-Test & Vertriebs-GmbH offers its customers the programming of electronic components on highly modern, fully automatic programming systems as well as their customer-specific marking and packing at the highest level.


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