If light microscopy reaches its limits a new world can be discovered with the scanning electron microscopy!

Scanning Electron Microscopy 1 Scanning Electron Microscopy 2 Scanning Electron Microscopy 3

Possible applications:

  • Surface inspection of electronic components
  • Determination of the layer composition of component pins
  • Analysis of poorly conducting samples and surfaces in low vacuum operation
  • Detection of micro-cracks
  • Whisker detection

Scanning Electron Microscopy

Based on migration and evermore complex, superfine component structures the scanning electron microscope is more and more important within the scope of quality analysis of components.

Even most critical samples can be clearly analysed and documented regarding aging processes and weak points via most enlarged pictures in superior quality and image definition.

Hence, component failures or processing faults will not only be detected, but, in connection with a detailed examination report, the client also receives a valuable support to conduct negotiations with suppliers.

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