Testing is a central element and one of the core competences of our service spectrum.

Testing of electronic components Test of series quantities

Why performing component testing?

  • Inspection of datasheet values in case of uncertain origin
  • Prevention of early failures based on pre-aging
  • Examination of climatic consistency
  • Qualification of automotive applications
  • Screening of components regarding diverse electrical parameters
  • Function-test in case of safety-relevant applications

Testing of electronic components

Testing and test-programme development

Testing and test-programme development are a central part of our service spectrum. Thus, tested parts of HTV are applied in the automotive industry, in telecommunications, the consumer market, in the aerospace industry and many other areas.

For tests a huge and very well assorted machine park is available. That requires, among others, fully-automated high capacity testers of most different manufacturers as well as self-developed systems with which highly precise measurements on most complex electronic circuits at diverse ambient temperatures can be performed. The required test-programmes for the most different measurements are developed by HTV-specialists and precisely tailored to specific customer-needs. Hence, customized solutions for component problems are extremely fast and competently elaborated.

The precise, manifold and, moreover, extremely specific test-procedures include environmental tests, parameter examinations and qualifications. Hence, possible error sources are detected relentlessly and the necessary test-depth is guaranteed. Furthermore, the existing intensive cooperation with many ASIC-producers and semiconductor manufacturers offers the possibility to order completely tested and packaged customer-specific components at HTV and thus, to obtain components immediately ready-to-use from one source.

Test of series quantities

For the test of series quantities HTV has the most different component handling-systems, freely temperature-adjustable, on hand. The cooling of components down to -70°C is performed with liquid nitrogen fed from several big tanks via a vacuum conduction-system to the test-handlers. At smaller quantities the adjustment of the ambient temperature is performed via Thermostreams, bringing the component to be tested within seconds to the required temperature, using dehydrated air.

Examples of commonly tested components at HTV test house

  • Memory (Flash, EEPROM, EPROM), microcontrollers, counter, integrated circuits (e.g. 74xx ICs)
  • Diodes, transistors, MOSFETs, JFETs, IGBTs, thyristors, DIACs, TRIACs, varistors, TVS
  • Power semiconductors up to 100 A standard
  • High-voltage semiconductors up to 2 kV standard
  • Power ICs (power switch, LED driver, high-side switch, low-side switch)
  • Relay
  • Linear regulator, buck regulator, gate driver
  • Comparators, operational amplifiers (OPs), voltage references, constant-current sources
  • Digital ICs, memories, ADCs, DACs
  • Mixed-signal ICs
  • Capacities (capacitors), inductors (coils), resistors, including equivalent circuit
  • Measuring of the equivalent series inductance (ESR) of capacitors
  • Quartz crystals, resonators and oscillators
  • LEDs (visible and infrared), optocouplers
  • Sensors (e.g. optical, infrared, magnetic, temperature, force, torque)
  • Insulation measurement (leakage current and insulation resistance) up to 10 kV AC or DC at e.g optocouplers, isolation amplifiers, transformers
  • Automated ESD testing of ICs with hundreds of pin combinations