Therefore, the customer obtains a comprehensive service with only one business partner.

Test-programme development, ASIC-development and packaging From the wafer to the completely housed and tested component

At a glance:

Services of Halbleiter-Test & Vertriebs-GmbH

  • Wafer-test
  • Development of specific test-software
  • Fully-automated tests of series quantities

Services of MAF GmbH

  • Wafer-sawing
  • Manufacturing of samples in ceramic packages
  • Premold packages
  • Chips in waffle-pack
  • Packaging of series quantities

Test-programme development, ASIC-development and packaging

Customer-specific components become more and more a special subject of the European electronic industry. Thus, a specific know how, especially in the field of silicon sensor technology has to be involved. HTV cooperates closely with many European semiconductor manufacturers and ASIC-producers and provides a comprehensive special knowledge with its team of highly qualified engineers, who already extensively support the customer in the development phase of a component based on specific and specially-tailored test-software.

Thus, problems regarding initial samples are detected at the earliest possible stage and corresponding changes during the next design-step are considered. Then test and screening of complete wafers are performed on high-precision HTV capacity test-systems in series quantities.

Development of test-programmes as a service

High-Performance-Test-System software and the necessary hardware adaptions, developed by HTV, come also into operation at in-house test-systems of semiconductor manufacturers. Hence, special know how is made available to the customer, so that he can implement the test in his entire production process and quality control cycle.

From the wafer to the completely housed and tested component

Via the close cooperation with MAF GmbH, who has specialized in the packaging of electronic components, it is possible for us to offer to our customers also the packaging of components already tested on waffle-level. Based on the central location in Frankfurt/Oder packaged sample components and subsequently also series parts, opposite to service providers for packaging from Far East, are deliverable immediately.

These components undergo a final test at HTV according to the specified operation temperature-ranges and requirements. In this connection, our broad, manifold and most specific test-procedures detect possible failures relentlessly and guarantee the required level of test-depth. A huge number of handling-systems is available for the adaption of components to high capacity testers enabling also tests with extended temperature-ranges at large numbers of several hundred thousand parts per day.

Therefore, the customer obtains a comprehensive service with only one business partner who provides support through all steps of his ASIC-development right up to the test of series quantities.