The sensitivity of electronic components with respect to electrostatic charges is tested by exposing the components to defined charges on very high voltages. Adequately qualified parts are applied e.g. in areas in which specific risks appear due to outside influences and high electric field strenghths.

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Electrostatic Discharge Test - Human Body Model (HBM):
Human Body Model
  • ESD classification AEC-Q101-001
  • ESD pulse load AEC-Q100-002
  • ESD test according JESD22-A114
Electrostatic Discharge Test - Machine Model (MM):
Machine Model
  • ESD classification AEC-Q101-002
  • ESD pulse load AEC-Q100-003
Electrostatic Discharge Test – Charged Device Model (CDM):
Capacitive Discharge Model
  • ESD classification AEC-Q101-005
  • ESD pulse load AEC-Q100-011
  • ESD load JESD22-C101
  • ESD testing JESD22-A115
Other ESD tests:
  • ESD pulse load MIL-STD-883 3015.7
Other tests:
  • Bauteilöffnung

    Chemical Decapsulation:

    Examinations per light microscopy or scanning electron microscopy to detect potential ESD overloads of the component, excessive currents, mechanical stress or similar effects

  • Elektrischer Funktionstest

    Electrical function test :

    Inspection of datasheet values