Facts and figures

HTV founded by Edbill Grote and Thilo Tröller

Middle of 1989
Move into own company building with approx. 1200 m² usable floor space

Middle of 1996
Extension of usable floor space to approx. 2400 m² in second construction phase

Beginning of 2001
Extension of usable floor space to approx. 4500 m² in third construction phase

Middle of 2006
Further extension of usable floor space to approx. 6500 m² in fourth construction phase

Acquisition of the MAF GmbH in Frankfurt/Oder
Packaging of electronic components

acquisition of the ertec GmbH in Erlangen

Construction of the special high-security building for the long-term conservation of electronic components and devices

Tripling the storage capacity of the Long-Term Conservation building

Foundation of HTV Security GmbH
Solutions regarding security of buildings

Foundation of HTV Cyperion GmbH
Development and production of computers for the „absolute data security”

Sale of the ertec GmbH

At present we employ over 200 people