Quality management

We keep your qualitiy in mind

As a specialist in electronic device refinement, HTV has been well known since 1986 for its technical competence in component programming, testing and qualifying.

Detecting faults before they occur

Perfect functionality and quality are nowadays compellingly necessary in times of keen competition and when the success of a company decisively depends on its product quality. Components' quality and reliability need to be handled with highest priority for the electronic components manufacturing in areas such as consumer-goods, telecommunication, automotive, and of course aerospace. Especially for safety related applications and under extreme conditions, errors or losses cannot be afforded.

Acting with regard to the future

Already in the forefront, the quality of the finished product can be secured in different ways. Therefore, quality assurance of each individual component is essential in order to ensure a durably faultless and reliable operation of the whole assembly unit. Extensive test methods, for instance artificial aging, enable a quick motion operating time simulation. Particularly, a 3D-lead-inspection avoids subsequent problems with programmed components during further processing. Those who take advantage of the afore mentioned benefits , who are looking ahead, who detect and eliminate failures at a very early stage will decisively improve their product quality and will assure their customers’ satisfaction.