Removing of existing tin layers including intermetallic phases and rebuilding of a stable and solderable pure-tin layer

Possible applications:

  • Oxidized surfaces of components with older date codes
  • Bad solderability of improperly stored components
  • Re-alloying of components from leaded to lead-free
  • Selectively removing of intermetallic phases
  • Retinning of desoldered components

Retinning according to HTV – NovaTIN® Method

Bad solderability of components has a multitude of action mechanisms. Main causes for it are usually contamination, oxidation or mutual diffusion, e.g. of copper and tin, partly up into the pin surfaces. Thereby, production of reliable solder joints is rather difficult or even impossible.

The unique NovaTIN®-method, developed by HTV, is based on a complete and very precisely removing of corroded tin layers including intermetallic phases!

Specific process steps result in a stable and solderable, newly created pure-tin layer. This ensures reliable solder joints at automated processing in SMD production lines.