Visualization of surface structures in the nano-range

Ionenstrahl-Ätzen 1 Ionenstrahl-Ätzen 2 Ionenstrahl-Ätzen 3 Ionenstrahl-Ätzen 4

Possible applications:

  • Visualization of grain boundaries and rolled structures in the nanometer range
  • Detection of inclusions, contaminations or, for example, incipient whisker formation
  • Highly precise preparation and identification of finest coatings
  • Visualized detection of cracks or delaminations in the micro and nano range

Ion-Beam Etching

Due to the different material hardness it is unavoidable that blurrings result at mechanical specimen preparation with subsequent micro-polishing which make an examination of transition layers and structures in the nanometer range impossible.

With ion-beam etching the material of a polished specimen is etched at atomic level. The ion- beam, computer-controlled with integrated camera monitoring, is directed towards a selected surface section.

Finest blurrings are removed and smallest details become visible again. Subsequently, these surfaces will be analyzed, e.g. by scanning electron microscopy (SEM), in order to evaluate and document structures and transitions in the nanometer range.