Component processing

Conditioning of components and assemblies as well as packing via highly precise processes and methods

HTV provides a variety of services around the conditioning of electronic components, e.g.:

There are various reasons for the conditioning of components and assemblies. Thus, within the further processing of electronic components a packing suited to production is essential.
But even the evaluation and inspection of the current condition of goods is inevitable in some cases. The quality and, hence, the processability can be renewed, where applicable, with miscellaneous specific procedures.

With regard to marking of components customerspecific identifications can be applied via different laser technologies or – as an alternative – existing original markings can be removed to protect from illegal copying of complete assemblies.

Highly modern HTV rework systems enable to remove components from the assembly or to apply them to the printed circuit board fully automatically. Repairs and modifications to assemblies can thus be implemented within a very short time and to the highest quality standards.