Component programming in one of the most productive programming centers worldwide

HTV provides a variety of services around the programming of components, e.g.:

Programming services:

  • Programming of:
    • Microcontrollers and flash memories
    • Memory cards
    • NAND flashes
    • Serial numbers
    • Wafers
  • In-house development of adapters and algorithms
  • Barcode controlled processes for 100 % traceability
  • HTV-On-Site Programming

Further services:

In view of the rapidly growing electronics industry the reliable, fast and particularly correct programming of electronic components is of increasing importance.

HTV provides a programming capacity of more than 750,000 pieces/day and if required delivery times of only a few hours (even for huge quantities). Furthermore, the programming of electronic components is realized on ultra-modern, fully automatic programming systems as well as their customer-specific marking and packing at the highest standard.