Storage of wafers and dies

HTV-TAB®-Long-Term Conservation and Storage for wafers and dies

  • Ensuring of quality, processability and functionality for up to 50 years through extreme reduction of aging processes
  • Handling in clean room possible
  • Cyclic pull and shear test to check the bondability of the pads of bare dies
  • Microscopic inspection of bare dies in view of impurities, cracks or colour changes
Microscopic inspection of a wafer
Handling of wafers in the clean room

The TAB®-Long-Term Conservation Method is also of decisive importance for wafers and bare dies to ensure long-term processability and functionality. Due to the drastic reduction of aging mechanisms such as the migration of atoms at chip level (diffusion processes), which can lead to leakage currents and thus to considerable malfunctions, it is possible to store wafers and dies for up to 50 years without significant quality losses, depending on the initial condition.

Handling and possible further processing of the goods (e.g. wafer dicing, bonding and packaging) in a clean room prevent contamination if required and thus offers the highest quality standards throughout the entire storage process. In addition, the bonding capability of the pads can be documented by a cyclic pull and shear test of bare dies. An optical inspection, which can also be performed at wafers according to the customer‘s requirements, enables the clear identification of contaminations, cracks or discoloration.