High-security building

Storage and conservation in extremely safe buildings

Qualities of the HTV High-security building:

  • Solid, burglar-proof reinforced concrete building
  • Special fire-preventing atmosphere
  • Complex alarm and camera monitoring systems
  • Permanent connection to the security service
  • Burglar-proof glazing for all windows
  • Electronic access controls during working hours
  • Time-controlled access monitoring outside working hours
  • Continuous process monitoring
  • Business Continuity Plan
  • Redundant technology

Safe storage of components also means to effectively prevent the physical access by unauthorized persons.

The HTV high security complex – costing approx. 25 million euros and consisting of a large number of specially separated chambers for the storage particularly of electronic components and assemblies – was expanded by several extensions in 2013. It enables in addition to the protection against burglary the prevention of a large number of other risks due to its exceptional properties.

The unique proactive nitrogen enrichment for fire prevention set the storage areas in an incombustible state. Even flames already ignited outside extinguish immediately when entering the protected area. A complex sensor technology permanently monitors the oxygen concentration and reports deviations from the set points.

In combination with the HTV-TAB®-Long Term Conservation Method a huge variety of different products can be stored safely and without the loss of quality for up to 50 years.