In close cooperation with universities HTV analysed aging processes of electronic components and developed concepts for its prevention.

Thermal-Absorptive Gas-Barrier Thermal-Absorptive Gas-Barrier

Thermal-Absorptive Gas-Barrier TAB®

Based on our performance of research and development and the resulting procedure definitions for Long-Term Conservation of electronic components, by today, we are able to reduce the described aging processes reliably and massively.

Our new developed procedure of Thermal-Absorptive Gas-Barrier TAB® prevents the development of corrosion and oxidation almost completely and on long-term. This results from a systematic absorption of moisture, oxygen and material-dependent hazardous substances as already mentioned.

Furthermore, based on the previous characterization, it is obvious that procedures for the permanent conservation of electronic components and consequently a reduction of the growth of intermetallic phases are only achievable in connection with the increase of the so-called activation energies. This enhanced procedure is a basic element developed by HTV Conservation GmbH.

However, enabling the necessitative functional and effective combinatorics of these methods of resolution a special attuned Gas-Barrier is additively being performed. This is, in consideration of the enormous longsome and essential periods of component-conservation, the vital advantage of our procedure! Additive, essential cyclic controlls of the processes and regeneration of the specific materials ensure their effectiveness and reliability extremely efficient on long-term.

Resulting from these new procedures and technologies we are able by today to reduce the typical aging processes of components by a factor of 12–15! Moreover, based on factual knowledge nowadays, the risk of whisker growth during Long-Term Conservation is massively lessened. Consequently processibility and reliability of electronic components are ensured over several years!