Tape & reel service

Nowadays many SMD-assembly lines use taped goods to save valuable space for the feeder. Accordingly, the packing of the most tested or programmed parts takes place in a blister tape again.

Due to the enormous variety of different package types a well arranged tape & reel stock of different tape & reel manufacturers exists at HTV so that normally a corresponding tape is always available. Thus, customers are served quickly and obtain their components made-up ready for further processing. Even for special components a solution can be found by the development of special tapes.

Taping usually takes place fully automatically immediately after the 3D-lead inspection in one work step. This ensures that goods are securely packed directly after inspection.

For inquiries, the following parameters are important:
Component size (l, h, w), data sheet, requested finish date of taping, total quantity and batch size.

Our services

Taping according to standards:
  • SMD taping

    SMD taping (DIN IEC 60286-3):

    Taping of surface mountable devices on continuous tapes

  • Axial taping

    Axial taping (DIN IEC 60286-1):

    Taping of components with axial leads

  • Radial taping

    Radial taping (DIN IEC 60286-2):

    Taping of components with unidirectional leads

Taping of non-standardized package types:
Special services of tape & reel
  • Special packages
  • Various mechanical components
Component inspection
Component inspection
  • Manual and fully automatic taping with 2D and 3D component inspection (3D-lead inspection, vision system)
  • Visual inspection
Detaping, retaping, repacking:
Detaping, retaping, repacking
  • Repacking of goods from any packing type (bulk, tray, tape & reel, tube) according to customer specification at any time
Specific tape & reel development for automatic assembly:
Specific tape & reel development
  • Custom-made design of tapes with optimized pitch and optimized tape width
  • Optimized tape pockets for a wide range of types of removal according to the respective package type and size
Special component handling and preparation:
Special component handling and preparation
Other services of tape & reel:
Special services of tape & reel
  • Repairing/Replacing of cover tape/carrier tapes
  • Filling of empty pockets
  • Creation of leader and trailer lenghts on carrier tapes
  • Retaping into original tape
Services for printed circuit boards (PCB):
Taping of printed circuit boards
  • Depaneling
  • Taping of PCB panels
Mechanical processing of goods:
Mechanical processing of goods
  • Shortening of contact pins
  • Straightening of pins