In electronic components with floating-gate technology (e.g. EPROMs or EPLD) programmed charge carrier can be deleted through a window by UV-light irradiation. Due to the housing (no window) of OTP components (one time programmable) deleting via UV light is no longer possible after initial programming. In the past this meant that after a software error occurred, the complete component had to be replaced and scrapped. With the aid of the OTP-Alive-method of HTV, a variety of OTP components, such as UPD75Pxxx, NM27C256xxx or EP910xx, can be deleted and rewritten with a new program!

The OTP-Alive process at a glance:

  • Deleting of OTP components
  • Reprogramming
  • Time-consuming and cost-intensive rerelease omits (costly redesign, re-qualification or certification)
  • No changes in proven production process
  • Reusability of OTP components

Our Services

  • Deleting and re-programming of devices which are usually only programmable onetime (OTP)
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