HTV offers a heat treatment at appropriate low humidity.


Drying and Dry-Packing

Drying of components

Precaution must be taken for integrated circuit plastic packages because of their moisture sensitivity. Depending on the way of processing, the potential vapour pressure build-up inside the component during soldering may lead to micro-cracks or device bursting (popcorn-effect).

As a matter of fact, the smaller the devices, the bigger the problem! However, in order to avoid moisture induced damages it is absolutely necessary to make sure that the integrated circuits are "dry" when being further processed. For this reason, the goods will generally be delivered in a "Dry-Pack".


The "Dry-Pack" bags are made of a solid aluminium foil middle layer and an inner antistatic polyethylene layer providing moisture vapour protection. Therefore, no moisture will affect the dried devices. Still, a new device drying will become indispensable if the pouches are defective or the permitted opening time period has been exceeded.

This special service is offered by HTV. The devices are dried under high temperature and low humidity, packaged afterwards in a Dry Pack containing a humidity-indicator-strip as well as a desiccant absorbing any moisture, and are finally vacuum sealed.