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What is that?

  • New costless concept for the worldwide purchase and sale of original electronic components from excess stocks.
  • Costless storage according to the HTV-TAB®-Long-Term Conservation Method
  • Refund up to the amount of your purchase price in the case of sale of goods
  • Access to the goods up to the point of sale

How does it work?

  • Anyone, who has a surplus of electronic components from series production and in their original packaging, e. g. as excess stock, can, free of charge, store them for years at HTV!
  • Components are, according to our particular TAB®-Long-Term Conservation Method, stored in our high-security building. Looking as good as new they are available even after many years of storage!
  • The vendor can write-off the components against taxes and informs us about the original purchase price at the beginning of storage.
  • From the beginning of storage HTV has the sole power of disposition for the parts and can offer these for sale.
  • After the sale the owner gets back his entire former purchase price in the ideal case.
  • If the vendor, contrary to expectation, needs a part of the stored components later on himself, he only has to pay the storage costs for the storage period of the returned component quantity.

Available parts

Type Manufacturer Package Send a request
14C88CYPRESSSOP32Send a request
61298SA12YGIDTPLCC28Send a request
74FCT88915TTCJG8IDTPLCC28Send a request
93764-51972LFFCISteckerleisteSend a request
A3932SEQTR-TALLEGROPLCC 32Send a request
A3940KLW-TALLEGROSOP28Send a request
A3940KLW-TALLEGROSOP 28Send a request
AM29F010B-55JFAMDPLCC32Send a request
AM29LV010B-70JDAMDPLCC 32Send a request
AM29LV010B-70JDAMDPLCC32Send a request
BSP315PINFINEONSOT23Send a request
BZX84-C4V3/BNXPSOT23/3PinSend a request
CG31553-E1FUJITSUQFP160Send a request
CY7C192-12VCCYPRESSPLCC28Send a request
CY7C192-15VXCCYPRESSPLCC28Send a request
DS26LS32CMNSCSOP16Send a request
EE80960SA16512INTELPLCC84Send a request
EE80960SA20512INTELPLCC84Send a request
EE80960SB16512INTELPLCC84Send a request
EPM7032STC44-10NALTERATQFP44Send a request
HI1175JCBINTERSILSOP24Send a request
M27C4001-12F1STMDIL28Send a request
MAX1282BCUE+MAXIMTSSOP 16Send a request
MAX4541CUA+TMAXIMTSOP 8Send a request
MBCG21203-208PF-GE1FUJITSUQFP120Send a request
MBCG31423-2214PF-GE1FUJITSUQFP196Send a request
MC88914MOTOROLASOP14Send a request
MSP430F135IRTDTMLF 64Send a request
MSP430F2370IRHATSend a request
NAND02GW3B2DZA6ESTMBGA63Send a request
PIC32MX360F512L-80I/PTMICROCHIPTQFP100Send a request
QX82527INTELPLCC44Send a request
S29AL008D70BAI020SPANSIONBGA48Send a request
S29AL016D70BAI020SPANSIONBGA48Send a request
SAF-C515-LNABINFINEONPlCC 68PinSend a request
SC901055FTAFREESCALETQFP64Send a request
TCD2503CGTOSHIBAWDIP24Send a request
ULN2001D1013TRSTMSOP 16Send a request
UPD485505G-25NECSOP24Send a request
XC3064-125PQG160CXILINXQFP160Send a request
XC3090-PQ160-125CXILINXQFP160Send a request
XC3190A-3PQ160CXILINXQFP160Send a request
XC5202-6PC84CXILINXPLCC84Send a request
XC5204-6PQG160CXILINXQFP160Send a request
XC5210-6PQG208CXILINXQFP208Send a request
XC6SLX9-2CSG225CXILINEBGA225Send a request
XC95108-20PCG84CXILINXPLCC84Send a request