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Long-Term Conservation – The General Concept: Long-Term Conservation – The General Concept: Long-Term Conservation – The General Concept: Long-Term Conservation – The General Concept:

TAB® Long-Term Conservation – The General Concept:


With the experience gained over years in handling and storing electronic devices and based on our technological studies and procedure definitions, we are able and competent to offer you a reliable conservation procedure by today, performing either a short-, medium- or long-term storage. Derived from these procedure definitions we are also able to provide you with comprehensive, tailor-made solutions for the storage of wavers, dies and completed electronic modules (PCBs).


Being a test house, we have the advantage to offer the perfect synergy essential for parts verification before storage. Complex and all-purpose test systems and procedures, the know-how of our staff as well as our flexibility are the guarantors for a conservation of only trouble-free components.


Professionalism and efficiency of our logistics processes are the fundaments of our business operations since the beginning. Your needs regarding a fast and flexible storage handling will be perfectly answered with a tailor-made warehousing concept. This well-elaborated solution consists in providing you with the necessary instruments and conditions in order to release you from the responsibility and the burden created by storage related issues.


New procedures of evaluating, conserving and complex warehousing belong to the main elements of our technology know-how. A unique method implying a specific conservation atmosphere and a particular technique elaborated for the elimination of hazardous substances generates a sustainable and enormous decrease against the typical aging processes of your electronic devices. The experience gained in the field, analyzing the subject in depth, has been proving that the existing conventional methods are definitely insufficient. As a matter of fact, the subjective value of a device does experience an unproportional high significance in comparison to the original asserted value and implies a maximal risk reduction. The control and documentation of the reference parameters as well as the regeneration and traceability of the conserved devices turn to be the key-elements within our activities. However, our long experience and valuable know-how do remain the decisive factors which will definitely generate the necessary confidence in our processes.

Economical efficiency

The Long-Term Conservation offered by HTV provides you an eminently attractive solution, particularly with regard to the Re-Design activities embracing development and procurement costs, processes of documentation and verification and the tedious final release procedure. Our tailor-made solutions integrate the different requirements, quantities and storage frequencies of your needs. Moreover we provide you with the opportunity of taking over your goods value as our balance-sheet item.


HTV bases its continued success on a recognized quality observance. The DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 certificates serve as guarantee for it. The major concern of our company philosophy is to live and work under an innovative conception embracing "Process Mind" and "Process Responsibility". Last but not least, we always keep your quality in mind!