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Long-Term Storage in high-security buildings

With PermaDoc®, HTV provides a long-term storage of important documents such as manufacturing records and files, as well as valuable, sensitive documents and data carriers by a special storage and protection concept.

The decades of archiving in high-security buildings, which are characterized by a massive reinforced concrete construction, complex alarm and camera surveillance systems and a special fire preventing atmosphere, serve not only as optimized storage conditions but in particular also as a protection against data abuse.


X-ray image of corner adhesion at a book cover.

PermaDoc® PLUS

During PermaDoc® PLUS procedure the decisive physical and chemical aging processes are additionally reduced by a special conservative and harmful substance eliminating atmosphere as weil as specific storage conditions. Before starting procedure an evaluation of documents receipt is made to analyze the state of aging and the storage ability of the product.

Through this worldwide unique technology, the endogenaus aging processes of the stored goods can be inhibited; the exogenous aging processes can almost be stopped. This allows, depending on the initial situation, an archiving for many decades.

Here the condition of the stored goods is closely monitored and controlled by precise analytics (e.g. XRF, FTIR, X-ray, SEM, EDS/EDX).

Regular data check of data carrier and comparison as well as copying to current data carrier variants round off the service portfolio of the HTV-PermaDoc® PLUS procedure.

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