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At a glance:

  • Specific Long-Term conservation of electronic parts and components according to the TAB®-method
  • Reduction of aging processes by a factor of 15-20, hence, storage periods of 50 years are possible at present
  • Comprehensive, continuous evaluation and monitoring of goods
  • Nitrogen-Dry-Packs for short storage periods

Thermal-Absorptive Gas-Barrier TAB®

Worldwide unique and established on market for many years is the long-term conservation method for electronic components developed at HTV, the

Thermal-Absorptive Gas-Barrier TAB®.

This method reduces the decisive physical and chemical aging processes, through a special conserving as well as harmful substance eliminating atmosphere and specific storage conditions, by a factor of 15–20 at present. Hence, the storage of electronic components of your last-buy, based on their initial state, is enabled currently up to 50 years and longer!

Thus, the quality, reliability as well as the processability of electronic components and complete assemblies is assured and announcements of component discontinuation and their deficient long-term availability lose their relevance as a highly explosive topic.

Hence, you can adhere to your long-term delivery commitments also in the future and guarantee to your customers continuity over decades.