Finally, talking about responsibility concerning long-term availability of electronic components the PCB manufacturers are in focus presently. Their major desire is to get rid of this onerous concern and to saddle the semiconductor manufacturers and/or distributors with this troublesome burden.

So to speak, the pure existence of semiconductor manufacturers is mostly depending on an evermore and efficient innovation regarding their products and distributors refer to the common nitrogen procedures. Anyway, mutual blind trust is definitely not the answer to this question! Finally, distributors and PCB manufacturers will have to take over this bulk of responsibility.

The question is, if they can rely on their own experience and technology or if it is possible for them to get the necessary resources and instruments to conduct time-consuming and expensive technology studies and trials for the development of conservation procedures. Therefore you should not miss the external service in your comparison.

Aging mechanismNitrogen-/Dry-Pack StorageHTV – Long-Term Conservation
Development of hazardous substances+
Internal diffusion processes+
External diffusion processes+
Whisker growth+
Data loss+
Loss of capacity+
Comparison of procedures  
Continuous evaluation of goods+
Observation of aging processes+
Monitoring of conservation+
Aging reduction-Factor 12-15