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Qualitative and quantitative analysis of the microstructure of metallic materials.

The increasing availability of various composite materials and of new or enhanced materials requires more and more advanced and in-depth analysis methods in order to carry out adequate investigations with the required quality standards.

By means of metallographic-microstructure-preparation MetaFinePrep® developed by HTV additional detailed insights into the inner structure of the materials used are gained which is not possible by conventional testing methods.

MetaFinePrep® preparation of microsections in comparison


Conventional preparation of microsection

Conventional preparation of microsection without HTV-MetaFinePrep®

Using SMD pins as example the solder connection of a conventional preparation of microsection appears inconspicuous and with a perfect adhesion.


SMD pin with dendritic copper structure after high-selective MetaFinePrep® preparation.

Highly selective preparation of microsection with HTV-MetaFinePrep®

Samples prepared with the highly-selective MetaFinePrep® process show, in contrast to conventionally processed samples, the inner metallic microstructure:

  • Conclusions to hardness, toughness, brittleness, solderability and chemical structure of the microstructure
  • Identification of irregularities in the area of the intermetallic phase transition (weakening of solder joint adhesion)

In combination with examination in the scanning electron microscope (SEM) metallic materials can be comprehensively assessed to competently rate microstructures and phase transitions in view of their quality and reliability.

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