X-ray Inspection

The necessity of a non-destructive examination of components or assemblies oftentimes requires an inspection via X-ray technology. In the analysis lead frames, bond wires and chip positions of the component, for instance, can be analyzed. In the case of printed circuit boards an examination of the inner conductive path layers is possible.

Soldered BGA components can be examined regarding correct homogeneous solder joints. In case of components whose origin is doubtful an X-ray inspection can show if a chip is generally integrated into the component, if there is no deviation in the bond sequence or bond wire junctions can be recognized.

With the three-dimensional presentation of X-ray images via computed tomography (CT) different materials (resp. X-ray material contrast) can be highlighted with colors, localized and analyzed. This offers an additional option for an examination of components as well as for assemblies in view of possibly existing material defects or processing errors.

Our services

3D X-ray / Computed tomography (CT):
  • Quality check of complex assemblies, devices or PCBs, moulded sensors, sticky packages, etc.

  • Inspection of bond areas and lead-frames

  • Determination of section planes for detailed analysis

  • Highlighting with colors of different materials to localize and analyze material defect and processing error in components and assemblies

2D X-ray:
  • BGA Analyse
    BGA Analyse

    Inspection of hidden solder joints (e.g. BGA inspection of solder ball shape and shrink hole formation)

  • Bonddraht Analyse
    BGA Inspektion

    Inspection of bonding areas (e.g. broken wire) and lead-frames

  • Loetstellen Analyse

    Inspection of contacts and solder joints (anomaly, splitted contact winding, crack formation)

  • Chip Analyse
    Chip Inspektion

    Analysis of bonding wires and of chip position in the component

  • Silberleitverklebung

    Inspection of the chip conductive silver (film) with the lead-frame for example on a shrink hole

  • CAF

    Inspection of the via of PCB regarding to CAF (Conductive Anodic Filament)

  • ESD Schaden

    Inspection in view of ESD and EOS damage